For individuals:

  • online – from the course page;
  • at the registration appointment desk at the CERONAV Constanta headquarters in Pescarilor street no 69 A

For legal entities:

Download the registration form for CERONAV courses
Attention! This form is for informational purposes only. Registration is done only through the two methods described above!


The payment related to the courses for which the registration was made can be made by paying the price of the course practiced on the date of registration, in two working days, in the amount of 50% or 100%:

  • In case of payment of 50% of the tariff, the difference between the approved tariff and applied on the date of the start of the course and the initial advance will be paid until the completion of the course
  • In case of payment of 100% of the fee, the student no longer has any financial obligation towards the institution

Payment of the above mentioned amounts can be done as follows:

For individuals:

  • online with the card – choose the desired period from the course page, press the registration button, after checking the data, press the Finalize registration button, enter the authentication data or create a new account, choose the payment method.
  • by cash or by POS with bank card directly at the cashiers of the institution in Constanta Str. Pescarilor no. 69 A or from the Subunit in Galati Str. Port no 20.


  • directly to the institution’s cashiers by cash,
  • by transfer to the CERONAV account, according to a contract*

* The payment for legal entities will be made only after the approval of the order or the conclusion of the service contract. For details, please contact the Programming Service: +40 241 639595 ; 691368 ext. 1115 / 1132 / 1138 or by e-mail: or or Program Coordination Office – Galati Subunit: + 40 236 416773; 471011 or by e-mail:

Participation in the courses is mandatory. Absence from the course leads to expulsion, without reimbursement of the participation fee. In special cases, when clear supporting documents are presented, students can be rescheduled for the same course with the approval of the Director of Studies, respectively the Director of the Galati subunit.


The fee paid for participation in the course can be reimbursed, if the refund request is made before the start of the course and, in special situations, based on supporting documents, with the approval of the Economic Director and after the start / completion of the course.
Download the CERONAV course fee refund request form
Attention! This form is for informational purposes only!

Last modified date: 19 May 2023