Complete Navigation Missions Simulator

CERONAV provides the most performant Navigation Simulator in the Black Sea Basin.

Complete Navigation Missions Simulator includes:

  • Tracing, recording and surveillance system
  • VTMIS Operator workplace
  • Debriefing Room (including the visualisation channel)

Simulator comprises 5 decks , out of which 4 decks with 30 degrees visualization capacity and 1 deck with 240 degrees capacity. All decks are Bridge Integrated System with the possibility of visualization of 360 degrees (operator’s option).

– 20 world areas with the main ports and maritime routes

– Simulation can be done for more than 10 different types of vessels between 10.000 TDW and 300.000 TDW, including a complex tug

– It can be connected with Engine Room Simulator!

Simulator can be used for several navigation fields :

– maritime navigation including ECDIS

– Radar Plotting / ARPA Navigation

– Hyperbolic and radio navigation (LORAN and GONIO system)

– Electronic Navigation and GPS and UAIS identification

– Inshore navigation and astronomical

– Ice navigation

– Ship’s maneuvering in different meteo conditions and in hazardous areas

– Communication system between and land using GMDSS console

– Containership (83105 t) with main engione MAN B&W (57200 kW 94 RPM);

Imagini Simulator


Main Bridge
Main Bridge
Bridge 1-2
Bridge 1 & 2
Bridge 5-6
Bridge 5 & 6
Instructor Room
Instructor Room


Last modified date: 27 July 2016