Trainees Rules

Participation conditions

  1. In order to participate in the mandatory training programmes organized within CERONAV, the applicants have to meet the conditions provided by applicable laws in force.
  2. The participation in the training programmes also including practical exercises which take place at the CERONAV training base and at the training bases contracted with third parties respectively is conditioned by a briefing in occupational safety and AFF, by use of proper equipment and by the provision of a medical certificate.

Trainee’s obligations regarding his/her behaviour during the training course

  1. Access of trainees in CERONAV premises is permitted only if they are properly dressed and only during the programme.
  2. Smoking in the premises where the training courses take place is forbidden (exception: dedicated spaces).
  3. Attendance of course under influence of alcohol is forbidden.
  4. Possession of an ID at all times is a mandatory obligation.
  5. Use of mobile phones during training courses is forbidden.


Failure to meet above mentioned obligations results in dismissal of trainees from training courses, upon request of the course coordinator or of a commission established following decision of the Study Director or of the Branch Manager.

Last modified date: 26 July 2016