Training Campus

Fire-fighting facilty

The CERONAV’s fire-fighting facility provides a very realistic , but safe, enviroment in which the trainee can learn all the tehniques of fire fighting at sea.

Here, the fire (of small or medium dimensions) can be simulated in the four storey steel ship modules for the smoke and fire drills . It can be done either outside or inside of the modules, which replicates a vessel like disposal .

The fire can be initiated in 3 different places and one of the modules can be complete flooded with mechanical foam.

fire-fighting-1 fire-fighting-3 fire-fighting-4


  • fixed water and foam extinguishing systems
  • mobile CO2 extinguishing systems (extinguishing powder, chemical and mechanical foam)
  • fireman outfit (fireproof, waterproof)
  • fireman outfit (heavy fireproof outfit)
  • confined space training unit

Boat davits and rescue boats

  • Boat Gravity Davit
  • TEMPESC – Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft
  • Inflatable motor propelled boat
  • assistance motor propeled boats

Baza-2 barci-1 barci-2







barci-3 barci-4 barci-5

Seaman workshop

Ceronav provides a workshop for developing of the seaman’s and sandblasters skills.


Atelier-1 Atelier-2 Atelier-3

New Training Campus – Underconstruction Project

At the end of the year 2010 CERONAV will finalize the reconstruction of the actual Training Campus in Constanta.

After this modernization process, we will be able to offer a state-of-the-art facility, including a carpentry workshop, seaman workshop and fitter and sandblaster workshop.

One of the buildings will be designated for the off-shore courses and will include a training pool, comprising the entire equipment necessary for the offshore courses.

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Last modified date: 27 July 2016