Brief History

1976 – The Merchant Marine Training Centre (CCEMMP) is established as a public institution, following Orders nos. 1096 and 1058 of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, in an attempt to meet the vocational education and training requirements of merchant marine personnel.

1983 – Following Order number 491, the Centre changes its name to CIPLMC, incorporating the Galati unit – River Personnel Training Centre as affiliate.

1990 – The Centre incorporates the Merchant Marine Vocational Education Centre.

1992 – The Centre becomes CPPMC – Training Centre for Merchant Marine and Harbour Personnel.

2003 – Following the Government Ordinance 33/2003 and Government Decision 449/2003 the Centre merges with Galati River Training Centre, formerly set up as public institution by the Order no. 1033/1990 and becomes CERONAV extending its activity to training of river personnel.

CERONAV currently organizes about 2,000 training, specialization and qualification classes in 80 different specialties, for approximately 32,000 trainees per year.

Over 90% of our graduates are employed by international shipping companies certifying the high level of training provided by CERONAV by highest applicable international standards. Trainees acquire practical skills in a lab located by Siutghiol Lake, where they have access to late-generation simulators for navigation, communications, naval equipments and tanker cargo handling equipments.

The high training standards are supported by CERONAV’s affiliation to following international professional organisations and associations:

CERONAV is ISO 9001:2000 certified and also holds Marlins and ECDL certificates.

Last modified date: 26 July 2016